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Deciding to establish or join an existing captive is strategic. It requires a detailed assessment of your risk exposures, attitude to and appetite for holding risk, as well as a long-term commitment to optimise the balance between self-insurance and risk transfer to the markets.

We simplify this process, providing you with all the information you need to determine if this model fits your risk profile. By moving to our captive models, you will retain underwriting and investment profits, improve cash flow, and establish new revenue streams.

Types of Captives We Provide


  • Capital is sponsored by the Master RAC. Could be as low as EUR 10,000
  • Annual License fee = EUR 1,000
  • The Insured pays "rent" to the Master Captive for the shares in the Captive
  • Master RAC provides accounts for the Captive

Suitable for companies with premiums from about €175,000 a year

What is Rent-a-Captive or RAC

A RAC is defined as “an arrangement whereby a capital base is accessed by a third party that wishes to form a captive but without the cost or time involved in having to incorporate a separate entity”. It gives the entity a shared interest in the underwriting insurance profits.

Advantages of RAC

The benefits of a RAC, in addition to the ease of setup and exit, when compared with an owned captive, are the same as with all captives, including:

  • Having greater control over the insurance program
  • Minimising total insurance costs over time
  • Gaining long-term management of fixed costs
  • Stabilising premium and maintaining continuity of coverage terms and conditions
  • Flexibility in design and structure of the program
  • Greater involvement in risk management program
  • Sharing in underwriting profits and Investment Income
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Preliminary Meeting

Discuss captive concepts
Review process and timelines
Generate agreement against objectives and client requirements
Review insurance program

Feasibility Study

Compile data
Process and analyze data
Consider important elements, including domicile, type of captive entity, lines of business
Draft report


Present report to client
Respond to any questions and complete any additional feasibility work
Client determines whether to proceed with a captive formation

Pure Captive

  • Minimum Capital = EUR 77,289
  • Annual License fee = EUR 3,000
  • The Insured shall hold 100% of shares of the Captive
  • The Insured will have to consolidate its accounts with the Captive

Suitable for companies with premiums in excess of €1m a year

What is a Pure Captive

A captive is a licensed insurance company fully owned and controlled by its insureds – a type of “self-insurance.” Instead of paying to use a commercial insurer’s money, the owner invests their own capital and resources, assuming a portion of the risk. The balance is assumed by another insurance company known as a “reinsurance” company. Captive insurance is an option worth exploring if your company is looking for a way to insulate itself from risk that the commercial insurance market can’t cover.

Advantages of a Captive

  • Implementation of a captive solution improves the whole approach to risk management: the fewer losses occur, the more profit accumulates inside a captive
  • The owner of a captive determines and controls captive’s reinsurance practices
  • Apart from parent company’s risks, a captive can insure risks of all affiliated companies within the corporate structure including risks which are otherwise related to the owner
  • Premiums accumulated inside a captive can be used at the discretion of the owner
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